EEESafe Community Fixers

Have you got experience of fixing things like IPhones, Cameras, Tablets, Computers, MP3’s Mobile Phones and even Domestic Appliances?

Have you learnt from online sites as well as real experience that you can evidence that you know how to fix things and can do it safely?

Would you perhaps like to look at a Training Opportunity, such as a Qualification in the repair of White Goods where you live?

There is a distinct lack of skills and jobs for a Circular Economy, and the Local repair and refurbish industry provides a fantastic opportunity.  The Joseph Rowntree Organisation shows that the young and older age groups suffer most from lack of jobs.  Retailers should start working with us, and begin to work smarter.

So if you have experience why not consider working with LocalitEEE and be rated through the EEESafe & LocalitEEE model based on standards.  You’ll be working with your local community who will also rate your work and your commitment to safety.