In our view, what makes a happy community is helping them strengthen their core values and providing Sustainable revenue streams. Funding alone isn’t the only answer, so LocalitEEE with its Single Sign on Platform is soon to introduce it’s Community Assets App.

The next time you are getting rid of something that could provide a valuable revenue stream to your community, why not think of offering it the community. Waste Prevention and strategy is now a key policy for all governments, and we can also capture Carbon and Tonnage savings, evidencing it online under your community.

Using our Lease/Rental and Sharing Tools, Community Members can borrow under the terms offered by the Community Manager.  This may be a free action or simply a gift to members of the community, using our unique 5 in 1 Tool.

Some ideas could be goods offered by local citizens in the community, such as a Car, Motorbike, Cycle, Tools, Rooms, Buildings, Spaces or even a service.  All Assets are bookable and can be financially and logistically managed by our free software tools.

Booked by the hour or even a whole week, revenue will be generated and ring fenced to be distributed democratically, through our PLEEECoins and PLEEECash fund issues.

Every time a transaction takes place, automatically adds more Community Currency because we add more EEECoins and ring fence them to your community, to help tackle local poverty.

Remember, Community members can also Share or Rent out their own items, as well as sell them in the Community Auction Shop and once again, we add funds to your community when you sell.

Don’t forget that Businesses, when Registered in our Directory, can also sell their new and used products or services to the Community.  A Business could also gift Assets which will evidence how they help their local community. A great way to capture new business, is to purchase EEECoins that will carry the Business Name, and be ring-fenced for Social Outcomes and increase your marketing prowess.

We’ll also be offering out Cash and Currency funds raised when a member uses our Suite of Tools.

For further information, please Contact Us.

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