If you’re loving the prospect of wearing some great designer brands of clothes, then look no further than the LocalitEEE Community Platform.  It offers you many local sources of income, where you live and not just from Clothes Rental.  Wedding outfits and branded suits can all be used to earn local incomes for you where you live.  You just have to be a bit creative and utilise the benefits of working with our platform and it’s full Sharing and Renting tools, just by being a Trusted Community Member.

Those in the know will be aware that Primark are potentially looking at clothes rental, so that’s why we’re letting our followers know, we’ve got the community covered.  Using LocalitEEE, once you’ve purchased some branded clothing or if you already own something others want, you’ll soon be renting them out to your local trendsetters and flaming the fashion fans in your communities.

Renting on LocalitEEE will be free whilst we build up new Communities and will only ever then attract a small Renting Charge, that will cover the billing and collection of deposits and rental costs on your behalf.

Every time you make a Transaction though, we will be putting Community Currency Ring-Fenced to where you live, to help alleviate local poverty and projects allocated by your Community themselves. This may also create community Cash Funds, distributed the same way.

Did you know using our 5 in 1 Tool you can Barter, Share, Sell, Gift or Rent any Textile and also gather collectively using our suite of tools.

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