At LocalitEEE, you may think we’ve been quiet in recent times.  Well your thoughts are right, because we can assure there is good reason for doing this.

We try to keep up with and ahead of the game when it comes to our offering.  It’s not easy in this fast moving online world and as all savvy online companies should know, security of your site and it’s users are vital if you’re going to engage those who are at one with your common objectives.

At LocalitEEE, because we’re building a you a Community Network for where you live, underpinned by your Community Currency (EEECoin) we recognise how important security must be to you, even if you don’t yet know it.

When communities come together at a very local level it’s vital there is trust between each member.  How else can we build a safe, friendly place to live and learn to help each other through the many different applications and physical offerings we are going to bring to you.

There is a growing concern about infiltration into your home and your own privacy, and yet at the same time, their needs to be a certain acceptance that openness and transparency holds a multiple benefit.   The New National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) that has just been launched by the Government is a case in point.

Traditionally when a Website of a Company gets hacked, there is not a lot of detail announced because there is an embarrassment for the company and anger from it’s users.  Yet, it must be recognised these attacks are going on all the time.  The idea of the NCSC is that all information should be shared as quickly as possible, and in return help and advice could get out there to prevent the same events against other organisations.

We plan to use Blockchain Technologies in the Transaction Processes of most Payments. Banks can be excluded giving reduced costs to consumers and …. We plan to accept other Digital Coins into our Exchange and convert them to EEECoins.  That money may have come from the Dark Side, such as BitCoin, where it makes things more difficult to trace.  The Dark Net houses millions of pounds of transactions of laundered money using BitCoin.  Trust us when we say, it can be “tumblered” into oblivion and in the same place, you can buy attacks on anyone’s website.  Drugs and Ammunition are traded using the Dark Side, and consumers have to consider where they sit and whether anonymity prevails over personal ethics and a world where you’d rather know who you are dealing with.

Because LocalitEEE is EEESafe’s Community platform, electrical items probably play the most important part in how Society, The Environment and Security is going to be shaped.  It’s not just Electrical Safety from Product Recalls, but because of the Internet Of Things (IOT) and Home Automation growth, it becomes even more important.  Anything “connected” leaves a pathway for the Cyber Criminal. This applies to a New or Used Appliance, so you have no escape.  In fact the older non connected Appliance could be the more valuable one in the fullness of time.  It may be less energy efficient, but the true cost of a scam due to your identity theft is going to far outweigh energy savings of your own lifetime.

We think it’s fair to say that Sustainability is going to come at a cost, but the questions are to whom and at what cost?

If we don’t start to transition to a more sustainable way of life, we lose everything most of us strive to achieve…a better life for our children and grand children on a planet that we need to look after.

We shouldn’t be asking the State to manage our own lives, when we need to wake up to our own responsibilities and stop living selfishly at the expense of Future Generations.

That’s why we began LocalitEEE. We want you’re support so please help us by following and sharing through Social Media, whilst we work behind the scenes on collaborative engagement and potential funding to reach an International Audienc.

More People, Same Planet, Less Materials. More Carbon, Less Jobs. Something needs to be done. You can’t build a better and fairer society on Consumerism alone.

For information on how to work with us please get in touch.

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