Thanks for visiting our EEECoin page and online shop information, which you may have arrived at as a result of one of our Exhibitions, a listing from our Sustainable Business Directory.

EEECoins is a new Social Digital Currency that we’ve created and currently linked to a Waste Prevention, Reuse & Repair model.  This enables community residents to purchase many items in a safe environment, without using any cash.  Consisting of thousands of Communities around the UK, we’re set to ring fence local currency to each Community and Sub Communities, and issue the Currency as well as Cash to help local people.

Linking from our own Appliance Safety Register, which ensures every UK home with Large Domestic Electrical items are monitored for Product Recalls, we’ll be reaching every home where you can find how to Register.  We expect communities to grow as a result of this, and will enlarge our coverage through our Multiple Communities Map.  All of whom can use their LocalitEEE EEECoin to help engage those less able to afford a basic standard of living.

The Community EEECoins will hold a value with thousands of items priced by the community and businesses within our Online Community Shop. (LocalitEEE). The items new or used are donated or sold by or to the community residents, who can share in the revenue we give as a result of the sale.  The Community manager can issue the EEECoins and Cash to individual people through Trusted Partner Organisations or democratically through our PLEEECoins Process,   Transfers and donations can also be sent to recipients in the community, particularly to those who use our Volunteering in their Community and learn to live more sustainably.

There are many tasks that earn EEECoins, which are all built into the Secure Social Network within the LocalitEEE Resource Hub.  Each Community Member can monitor just how many EEECoins have been earned, and select from tasks issued by Businesses or Trusted Partners.  Doing local activities will also help build their skills which can also be recorded and evidenced as a tool for those in the community, who want to increase their employment opportunities.

Like any Social Network, we have friends, groups, alerts, forums but we have lots of additional benefits and tools as well, which are all geared to helping your Local Community evidence like its waste prevention, & volunteer outcomes reports.  However that’s not all, we’ve got so much more, in fact too much to tell you at this brief introduction to the EEECoin. As a Business, if you are reading this, you too can get involved and you can benefit using our Business Directory Page. demonstrating how your own Ring-Fenced EEECoins are helping the local Communities.  Businesses will be able to utilise the LocalitEEE Shop built for your own Communities and be attributed for contributing to that local Community, evidencing it’ engagement locally in tackling poverty, protecting the Environment, assisting people getting back into work and sometimes helping creating local jobs or assisting the creation of our Community Fixers.

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