We’re pleased to announce at LocalitEEE that our Platform with our Community Currency EEECoin, has been integrated to work with any other Crypto Currency that uses the Ethereum Blockchain or similar. (Update: Ethereum has issues, but we already have a secure Blockchain model and committed to change to the safest model if industry leads)

Our tradeable digital token based EEECoin, used as a currency to help develop communities whether in an Urban or City environment, represents the first and only Secure and Digital Currency linked to a Circular Economy Model.

We had been working on our own API and were close to delivery until the Current Homestead release of Ethereum came out recently.  We’ve now gone through all our Apps and enabled them to work in Secure Data Wallets, that we can operate Centralised or De-Centralised.

We’re bringing the latest technology to consumers and businesses enabling a fast secure process in our Community Shop or our Apps where transactions take place. We don’t need to use any 3rd party to hold deposits on a room, sale of a property, or hire of a car.  Many of our Apps can give you the confidence to become your own “entity” because Ethereum gives us the ability to enable you to secure your own income streams, without the cost of a banking service or any third party holding services, whilst giving you a secure trusted platform with transaction speeds of around 2 seconds.

We can automatically connect with any other wallet, contract or exchange mechanism who also use the same standard.

The EEECoin is solely used in the LocalitEEE Platform and as you can see from our model, it means your Community will benefit by simply engaging in any of our Apps or services, where we donate from our revenues to communities by default.

Any currency used to purchase the EEECoin will be converted to EEECoin at it’s fixed rate of 10 pence, and will stay in the LocalitEEE Platform.  We’ll convert it at an optimum value, and put converted currency back into your Community where you decide the most deserving cause or person for the funds.

Last year we declined an opportunity to take investment from Centrica, who operate British Gas.  The reason why, was because we didn’t want to be held to return income to an investor, but rather we wanted to invest into communities and future generations.

The EEECoin is the best way to put money back into the Community so that it stays there until you transfer it out nationally, and can even belong to a Community Asset, owned by members of that community to earn income or help others.

You can Gift, Barter, Auction, Share or Rent in LocalitEEE, where you can use some of our Rental Agreements built into Smart Contracts, or drop in your own terms and take advantage of our optional Billing Service.  Our Safety Standard means we can capture Electrical Reused Products Recalls when sold in our shop and add White Goods Sales to our Appliance Safety Register.  Even the UK Government says we’re Safer.

Every time a transaction from any of our services takes place, we automatically add more Community Currency because we add more EEECoins and ring fence them to your community, to help tackle local poverty.

Don’t forget that Businesses, when Registered in our Directory can also sell their new and used products or services to the Community.  You could save hundreds of pounds by not using normal banking ECommerce, and instead sell through our Platform and ramp up your Business EEECoins donated by us. This is a great way to capture new business, and Ring Fence your Named EEECoins to any Community, demonstrating your CSR for as long as you’re in Business.

For more information on how we distribute Cash and Currency, Click HERE.

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