With LocalitEEE we have many Apps in our Single Sign on Platform for many local resources and local revenue streams.  They will soon be available on Mobile as well.   This one is great for getting Food to local people at the least impact to the environment.

We give all Shops and Consumers an easy option to distribute food items they no longer want. Some of them could use EEECoins that come from Volunteering, which is a great way of offering a reward for doing some local good deeds.

We’ll be offering out VEEECoins (Volunteering Rewards) to different community members, which will be awarded according to a CommunitEEE Vote if they are member of that community. We’ll also be offering out Cash and Currency funds raised when a member uses our Suite of Tools.

For shops who sell food, local Distribution is a great way to ensure and evidence how you are supporting your local Community. You can reduce your waste charges as well. We hope to engage more small and larger food shops where they can Gift or offer end of line products, to those in most need in the community.

If you have a Food Shop, and want to help local communities with items you would send for Waste, then Join our Free Directory.  We are reaching almost 50k businesses already.

For further information, please Contact Us.

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