There are plenty of people talking about Food Waste and Redistribution to help those who are most in need, which we support.

However, we want to talk about Food Waste Prevention from our Community Resource Efficient Award Winning Platform, how we prevent food waste and the benefits of working with us.

  1. Minimises Impact to the environment, reducing transport costs and Carbon Emissions.
  2. Distributes it at a local level through Food Alerts, making it easy to obtain.
  3. Rewards those quickly at the point of need and tackles poverty with real evidence.
  4. Encourages Volunteering, where possible in return for Food and engages the community to work together.
  5. Evidences it through our Sustainable Business Directory for CSR and in Community Reports
  6. Purchase food for pennies, thus breaking down a major barrier and targets those defined as vulnerable.
  7. We offer Cash and Social currency for Free to further help Foodbanks reach the most vulnerable.

In our Sustainable Living Platform, where you can purchase many essentials for Social Currency or Cash, you can also obtain food from local or national participating food retailers.

How it works?

  1. The shop uploads to our Platform in the LocalitEEE Shop, any food that is going to be thrown out, but is still fine for using. This could also be end of line, or just a contribution to those in the Community who are awarded Social Currency or deemed by partners to be vulnerable.
  2. You receive notification that Food is available where you live which includes the terms according to the Food Partner.
  3. You are issued a code when you respond.
  4. You print out the Code or take your Phone and display it at the shop.
  5. Your Code is Redeemed and your EEECoin Balance is updated on your Community Account.
  6. Food Partners can share the amount of Waste Prevented, and Social Assistance provided from within their own LocalitEEE Sustainable Business Directory entry.

You can choose to show your Community Activity if you volunteered, or how you Generated Social Currency through Waste Prevention, to help others living locally.

Everybody Wins

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