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What are PLEEECoins?

womanwitheeecoinPLEEECoins is the Award Process of our EEECoins Digital Currency offered to Local Communities.  They are added to each Community when its members use the LocalitEEE Community Resource Shop/Auction to sell unwanted items.  You can join LocalitEEE for Free and join communities, or have yours created.

Localiteee puts 25% of any revenue it makes from its online shop in the form of EEECoins, and ring-fences it into the sellers chosen community, which is often the local area where they live.  We’re building a Bank, for people to tap into when times are hard.  You can also earn EEECoins specifically through Volunteering, and we hope soon to have businesses offering Volunteers some cool deals for their local volunteering.

The Community Currency, in the Community EEECoin Bank keeps growing every time a sale is made from the shop, and doesn’t cost the seller or buyer any money at all.

We also put real money in the Community Cashpot when anyone purchases EEECoins, and distribute it using the same method. EEECoins are 10p each and 75% is allocated to the community of your choice, when you make the purchase, and you can choose to stamp your name or business on the Coins.

What do you do with them?

stufforhome200x100We allow the Community Administrator to offer a lump sum of EEECoins periodically, to help people who are members of their own community.

The more someone in your community sells using the LocalitEEE Community Resource Shop, the more currency you’ll have to help someone.  You should also be aware, our Online Shop intercepts Product Recalls to prevent selling or buying a Fire Risk, and provides your Community Waste prevention tonnage and carbon saved.

You can join many communities in LocalitEEE. It’s not just where you live but can be a Charity, Social Enterprise, a cause, a project or even your own Business Community.  Everyone can get involved in building their own social currency where they live.

How can you use them?

FoodWaste200x100You can spend them in the shop for any goods or services that have an EEECoin value against them.  This could be a bike, bed, sofa, washing machine where a seller is willing to take the EEECoins as payment or part payment for an item in the Auction.

Once we get some partners, you can even spend them on food from local shops to help them reduce their waste costs.

How are they awarded?

poverty200x100Once PLEEECoins are offered by the Community Admin, all members of the community will receive a message inviting them to make a PLEEE for assistance.  We would expect people to have genuine stories of need, or genuine cases from local support groups or social services.   At LocalitEEE we want to help people in genuine need, and this is how we transparently show how our Social Enterprise helps those in most need in the community you choose.  Using our Community Voice Tool, also helps communities evidence and inform Local Authorities of local need.

The first 10 PLEEE’s made will close off the nomination. Then a vote will be available for a set period, where members of the Community will vote based on their own opinion, to whom the PLEEECoins will be awarded.

Where do the goods and services in the shop come from?

flytippingsofaWe are looking to add products and services with thousands of communities in the UK.   The goods would come from your unwanted items or services you could sell, but sell them locally for easy pickup.  Even if something needs repair, we’ll attempt to find local people to fix it. through our Sustainable Business Directory, and give local businesses more work.

We would love you to use our National Resource Hub which is an Auction shop with many of the features you’d find on EBay.  However, our minimum charges for a sale is 5% (no sale, no fee) or you can share the proceeds of the item with us, which allows us to put more Currency into your Community Bank.

There are no advertising or listing fees on the Shop and after a successful sale, you can draw down the agreed amount, just as you do now with your Paypal Account.  Other payment systems will be available as we grow.  Our shop also helps prevent you purchasing an Electrical Appliance that is a known fire risk.

This is a great way of turning an unwanted item into a fund raise for your favourite charity. The difference here is you can actually see where your contribution is going and you can find items in your LocalitEEE.

What happens to the PLEEECoins when they are spent?

business_community_togetherThey become EEECoins again and will carry your Community or Business name, to allow others to see who has contributed to the availability of an item, that could be helping someone in need.  This is a choice or you can remain anonymous, but it presents a great marketing activity to a business, charity or Social Enterprise, if they are registered in our Biz Directory.  The person or business receiving them can then do some or all of the following:

  • Spend them in the shop for goods or services.
  • Use them to donate for volunteer activities.
  • Buy deals from Businesses in our Biz Directory. (EEECoin Exchange)
  • Purchase food that would otherwise go to waste.
  • Donate them to your Community.
  • Donate them to anyone you want.
  • Use them for Biz to Biz Services

Come and Help us make it happen.

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