Sustainability is “the ability of a generation to ensure its needs for the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs

While it is difficult to provide a thorough description for consumption, their is a definition that seems to incorporate the multitude of problems that consumption poses to the sustainable development of modern society:

ResearchGate Cites “Consumption is the human transformation of materials and energy (along the production-consumption chain) that makes the transformed materials or energy less available for future use,or negatively impact biophysical systems in such a way to threaten human health, welfare, or other things people value”.

With Population growth set to reach 9 Billion in 2050, currently we’re near (7.4Billion), We are going to run out of Material Resources, therefore our Consumption has to change, as strangely enough, there is only one planet. We don’t believe running the risk that Technology will save us because Climate Change is inevitable, and pretty much common sense, unless you’re a Climate Denier.

If nothing else convinces you, then Material Resource Depletion and One Planet should make sense to anyone.  How many people can live in an average 3 Bedroom House? You see what we mean. It’s not difficult to see the problem.

So we have to make things that will last and we have to Repair and Share more, which is all part of the LocalitEEE model.  EEESafe is already working with UK Government and the Office of Product Safety Standards. They have credibility in the EU and have refused investment from a large company, deciding to put returns back into citizens pockets, rather than speculative investors.

Our challenge is to increase local repairers, working to a safe standard that consumers can trust.  Right To Repair movements, do not offer standards and accountability. As a Regulatory model, EEESafe can provide accountability for Repairers who want to engage in our Model of local repair, for community and environmental benefit.

EEESafe Repair and White Goods ReUse standards, are safer than a British Standard.  Working in the EEESafe & LocaliltEEE model helps support the creation of local work, local skills, safer homes and openly tackles poverty.

If we can all engage in “#responsible consumption” and take a little less from the Eco System and give a little bit more to the Citizen, we can help make the changes and targets for change a reality.

How can you get involved?  By Registering Your Appliance in our new Safety Register. It doesn’t matter if you Registered with the Manufacturer, we have access to the same information, but there are no Warranty Sales telephone calls to come from us, plus our Standard is Safer.

Furthermore, our Register is free and engages you into a Community Model fit for future generations.  See why, HERE.

If you want to find out more and be engaged when we’re ready, please enquire HERE.

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