According to Apple’s Sustainability Report 2016, they’ve recovered around a Tonne of Gold from old iPhones.

This from our point of view, clearly shows the opportunity for Local Communities to start repairing and collecting them, WHERE YOU LIVE..

Anyone registered in our Sustainable Business Directory, who are part of the Community Fixers Category, will be able to receive Lead alerts for repair or collection of old phones, where you live.

So not only can you earn local income from repairs, you can see how easily it will be to get local work, and comply with Waste Prevention strategies, now part of government policies.  There are plenty of other Community Fixer Categories and by working smartly, you’ll soon reduce waste to landfill, and contribute to your Community Targets, evidence on our Platform.  This is a great way to put money back into the Community, and it could even become a Community Asset, owned by members of that community to earn income.

Working in LocalitEEE we can also show you how revenue will be generated, ring fenced and distributed democratically to your community, through our PLEEECoins and PLEEECash fund issues.

Every time a transaction from any of our services takes place, we automatically add more Community Currency because we add more EEECoins and ring fence them to your community, to help tackle local poverty.

Don’t forget that Businesses, when Registered in our Directory can also sell their new and used products or services to the Community.  A Business could also gift Assets which will evidence how they help their local community. A great way to capture new business, is to purchase EEECoins that will carry the Business Name, and be ring-fenced for Social Outcomes and increase your marketing prowess.

We’ll also be offering out Cash and Currency funds raised when a member uses our Suite of Tools.

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