At LocalitEEE, we believe in the unity and investment of where you live.

Achieving a model where Business and Community working together is never going to be easy, however a model that rewards the local people is surely the best way forward.

We are announcing that all of our cash donated to your local community, using the LocalitEEE Local shop, will also create the EEECoin.  Effectively making it a volunteer currency that we hope businesses will fully embrace.

Making local volunteer organisations the administrators of our currency, can hopefully engage the whole sector over the United Kingdom.  They are the gatekeepers of voluntering whether small or large organisations.

All we need to know is if they will confirm their constitutions and volunteer policies with us, then we can include them in local volunteer requests, a feature that will soon be realised in the launch, subject to successful trials in a pilot.

Access to this feature will come initially from registering your Appliance and therefore begin to make each home safer, and part of the local job creation in the White Goods repair sector.

When volunteers become LocalitEEE members, then they will eventually be able to evidence their volunteering, and by that metric, prove also the skills they have been acruing

According to a Civil Society report on volunteering levels last year in the UK, it fell by 15%.  So we want to help everyone in this model and help our society work better together by putting Business and the Community together.  This is a system that can reward everyone and through our unique model, raise funds that are democractically voted by the local community, to individuals and projects. By using the shop that generates income for businesses and citizens where you live, we can keep giving 25% away of final shop transaction fees.  Look out for regular lump sums and when the community grows, we are looking to pass main ownership to Members who own the LocalitEEE Investors Card, and further increase distributable revenues to the local members.  We can do this because we don’t have an investor and we don’t want one.  In fact, YOU are the investors and we seek to return revenues to you, where you live.  Dividends go to you, as soon as we get them and we hope you’ll support us when we launch.

Working with businesses, let us transition together and own most of what happens where we live. Positive disruption is good for everyone, but let it start with you and what you purchase, renew, repair and dispose.  In time we’ll introduce many more apps that can use the currency and/or cash, to help sustain our local environments and evidence your contributions to a global platform as we seek to minimise use of the earth’s resources, starting with where you live.

Remember Waste is not Waste, it’s a resource and it has value to someone and can earn you and your community some revenue, and create currency for food, products and services where you live.

Local and Global problems stem from More People, Same Planet, Less Materials. More Carbon, Less Jobs. and something needs to be done. Volunteering in local activities, we hope will allow you to trade your EEECoins for Products, Services and Food, offered by local people and businesses using the LocalitEEE Platform.

For information on how to work with us please get in touch.

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