We’re giving you money to market your business

We’ve been developing many elements to our LocalitEEE Community Platform, which connects businesses and community.

Maybe you’re doing that with some other site, which is great because if we want our businesses to be successful, whatever success means to you, then that connection is vital.

As a Social Business that transparently shows where it puts its money into other businesses, as well as to people who need a little help, we thought we’d innovate and do something different.  We’re looking for people who want to demonstrate their own Social and Environmental Values, to become the early adopters and start making a real change to how we run our businesses.

The above image is an extract from our Sustainable Business Directory, and you’ll see that if you’re found on our Map, by people living near you (or who search for you), then they will see your Community Contributions to where they live.  This could even be your own Business Community, which is also on offer to you by request, after you register.

LocalitEEE is a place where people can find all things to meet their needs, new or used, local, or national (we prefer local).  If they successfully buy from you and complete transactions on our Free Listing Secure Online Shop,  then we will donate 25% of our Revenue into Social Currency (EEECoin) automatically into your Business Community.  Representing Economy, Environment and Employment, the Coin is stamped with your Business Name, and forever will remain in the system to be used to procure goods and services where business chooses to offer it.  This is a great Marketing Tool as you’ll be able to Blog and Share the events, and some Categories will even receive Leads, particularly if it means Waste Prevention, Social Outcomes and CO2 Reduction.  That’s why it shows on your Business Community Metrics.

Don’t worry, Cash is still allowed and can even be mixed.  What’s equally exciting, is that when someone purchases EEECoins at 10 pence, they will choose what community receives our 75% cash donation.  In both cases of buyer and seller and optionally a name will be attributed to the successful outcomes. This could be your Business.

Who decides where the money and EEECoins go?  The Community. We just issue the amounts for you to help someone in your Community, and your community will respond and vote to the PLEEE’s for help  We will then just transfer the amounts, which means we operate a True Digital Democracy.

LocalitEEE is an Award Winning Product and because in our early days, we won such a wonderful award for Environmental Improvement, beating others with 100’s of employees, we simply had to get on with our Strategic Development Plan.

It’s here now, and we’d love to see some of you getting involved to help us iron out a few potential glitches prior to our forthcoming Softlaunch in Swansea, where we are based.  It made sense to start there, but one of the main reasons for winning was because our model could become International.

So please come and be part of our Future and start making a difference to how we live, protect our planet and help those in most need living in our own communities.

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