Buy, Sell, Share & Rent at LocalitEEE

We thought it worth a mention that we’ve got some welcome new additions to the Family in the near future.

In a Resource Sharing Economy, part of truly living sustainably means sharing things with your neighbours.  At LocalitEEE, you’ll soon be able to do this easily.  Those who share will be able to earn EEECoins for helping in the Community, and there will be one or two neat things we hope will pleasantly surprise you as well.


Localiteee Circular Economy

With the Introduction of EEESafe’s EEECoin, which is a Digitial Social Currency, the company felt that it was important to reflect it’s model in a neat Circular Designed Business Card.

If you’re lucky enough to get a hold of one, don’t get too excited as you won’t yet be able to spend it.   The EEECoin holds value currently only in the LocalitEEE Community Resource Hubs.  However plans are in motion already to work with other partners.